Starmer, William Austin und Frederick Waite

Austin Starmer, geboren am 28.1.1872 in Leeds und gestorben im September 1955, und sein Bruder Frederick Waite Starmer, geboren am 29.1878 in Leeds und gestorben am 19.3.1962, sind herausragende Gestalter excellenter Musiknoten in den Vereinigten Staaten. Bill Edwards führt in ragpiano über die Starmerbrüder aus: "As you look through their collection, ..., note their fluid use of color, as well as the ability to draw realistic people simply but elegantly without delving into caricature unless it was called for. There is a mix of still lifes with simply patterned covers, and their command of lettering in interestingly derived fonts is also evident. Style on many covers is paramount, whether it be for fashion or for fadeaways. Rarely did anything delve into negative stereotype, perhaps a part of their British upbringing. Much in the vein of Currier and Ives, the brothers often captured subjects in a candid photographic sense that made the drawings look very natural. Through Remick`s sheer volume of distribution, their work is in many ways the face of the ragtime era at its best."