Titel: "At The High Brown Babies' Ball"               

Komponist: Benny Davis, Sid Erdman, Ernie Erdman

Texter: Dsgl.

Verlag: Leo Feist Inc., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1919

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: RS

Sammlungsnummer: 5549


Auf dem "High Brown Babies' Ball" geht es hoch her:


Sweetie dear, there's a taxi waitin', Sweetie dear, don't be hesitatin',

Soon we'll be, you and me, Dancin' round in high society.

Swell affair, Ev'rybody's goin', Bring your dancin' shoes that's all,

Come on babe, we're bound to make a showin' at the High Brown Babies Ball.



When the band begins to play, Ev'ry one will start to sway,

We'll start slow just for a bluff, and when I say "Let's go, babe!" do your stuff,

We'll be "Johnny on the spot", for what it takes we sure have got;

We'll "Walk the Dog" and "Ball the Jack", "Tickle Toe" forward then "Shimmie" back,

We got to show some class, that's all, At the High Brown Babies Ball.


Sweetie dear, there'll be nothin' to it, Sweetie dear, you and me can do it,

Don't be slow, come let's go, Ev'ry one there will envy us I know.

Sweetie dear, When we start our struttin', For our staff they're bound to fall,

Come on babe, for we won't stop at nothin' at the High Brown Babies Ball.




Bei You Tube gibt es einen Clip von dem Song. Er wird gesungen von Eddie Cantor.