Titel: "Vict'ry Polka"                

Komponist: Jule Styne

Texter: Samuel Cahn

Verlag: Chappell & Co. Inc., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1943

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Keine Angabe

Sammlungsnummer: 4813


Optimistisch klingt der Sieg im Zweiten Weltkrieg an:


There's gonna be a Hallelujah day

When the boys have all come home to stay

And a million bands begin to play

We'll dancing the Vict'ry Polka

And when we've lit the torch of Liberty

In each blacked out land across the sea

When a man can proudly say "I'm free"

We'll be dancing the Vict'ry Polka

And we will give a mighty cheer

When a ration book is just a souvenir

And we'll heave a mighty sigh

When each gal can kiss the boy she kissed goodbye

And they'll come marching down Fifth Avenue

The United Nation in review

When this lovely dream has all come true

We'll be dancing the Vict'ry Polka.

Dance, Dance, Dance the Vict'ry Polka

Join, Join, Join the mercy throng

Sing, Sing, Sing the Vict'ry Polka

Raise your voices loud and strong.


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