Titel: "My Tango Girl", Lied aus der Revue "Hullo, Tango!"               

Komponist: Louis A. Hirsch

Texter: George Arthurs, E. Ray Goetz

Verlag: B. Feldman & Co., London

Erscheinungsjahr: 1913

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Keine Angabe

Sammlungsnummer: 6584


Noch einmal eine große Show mit Tango-Fieber bevor die Welt im Ersten Weltkrieg versank:


Gaze upon Miss Tango, from the Argentine,

I have brought a dance with me a dance divine,

I know that we have come along to stay;

Ev'rywhere I go to tea you hear my name,

All the folks are joining in the Tango game,

In the Spanish way

Learning how to sway.

Ev'rywhere I go, people shout, "Hello!

See that Tango gown."

Round about in town,

I've gained some renown,

And when at tea we meet you must never eat,

Can't let you sit down,

You must gaily prance,

Join the merry dance,

Give Miss Tango a chance!

Shake a little castanet and try to do the whirl,

Ev'ry fellow's singing to the Tango Girl.



Oh! you Tango girl,

You're my Tango pearl,

Won't you let me take you by the hand?

Just let us glide together with the band,

And say you'll ever stay,

Please don't Tango away.

Hark! that sweet refrain

Of a Tango strain,

In your pretty gown of Tangored

You're just the kind of girl I'd like to wed

For you're my Tango Girl.


There's a lot of music in a Tango tune,

Makes the middle of the nighttime seem like noon,

You'll find that loving walk is simply grand.

Gaily you fandango in the Spanish style,

While your girlie gives to you the Tango smile,

Squeeze her little hand,

She will understand!

How she loves to flirt, in a Tango skirt,

Only two yards wide,

Nothing at the side,

Seems to be untied!

But what a lot of grace you can surely trace

When you see her glide

O'er the polished floor, partner cries 'encore',

Let us Tango some more!

Click clack go the castanets and off you gaily twirl,

Ev'rybody's singing to the Tango Girl.




In der Rubrik "Top Komponisten" gibt es weitere Informationen über den Komponisten Louis A. Hirsch.


Bei You Tube findet man einen Clip mit o.g. Song gesungen von Miss Ethel Levey am 23.12.1913 im Hippodrome in London.