Titel: "Molly Lee"                 

Komponist: Theodore Morse

Texter: Jack Mahoney

Verlag: Theodore Morse Music Co., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1909

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Hirt

Sammlungsnummer 7696


Ein amerikanisches Liebeslied:


Oh! my pretty Yankee-Dixie girlie, sweet Molly Lee,

So fair to see, you're the world to me,

Tho' you have a Northern manner and a far Western Style,

Still the sunshine of the South is in your smile.

And I'll rally 'round your heart, dear, I'll rally night and day,

For on the morn you came to town, you won my heart away.



Molly, don't be pining,

Can't you see my hearts beats true?

Keep the lovelight shining in your eyes of bonnie blue,

Oh, say can you see?

My Molly 'tis of thee,

When I'm far away from the land of cotton Molly,

you won't be forgotten, My sweet Molly Lee.


For our wedding chimes we'll ring the sweet old Liberty Bell

And we will dwell, in a lovers' dell,

In my soldier suit I'll march 'neath orange blossoms with you,

And your wedding dress will be red, white and blue.

Then we'll rally 'round our love, dear, upon our honeymoon,

And when we come again to town, our hearts will beat in tune.