Titel: "On The Beach With You"                

Komponist: Jesse Greer

Texter: Tot Seymour

Verlag: Davis, Coots & Engel Inc., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1931

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Keine Angabe

Sammlungsnummer: 4659


So macht Strandleben Spaß:


Let's steal away for a gay holiday

What a picnic dear, if you'll agree.

I know a spot when the weather is hot

Where there's sweet romance for you and me.



On the beach with you, I'll loaf the whole day through,

And cuddle close beneath a big umbrella,

On the beach with you.

That's where I'll undo a basket lunch for two,

And thru' a straw, I'm 'gonna' drink sasparilla,

On the beach with you.

We'll sit on the sands, start holding hands, far from the crowd.

'Neath bright skies above I'll say, "I love you", right out loud.

We can dream and plan, and get a sunkissed tan,

Beside the ocean blue, I'll be right in heaven,

On the beach with you.


Hop on a bus there'll be such fun for us

Leave the city streets so far behind.

You'll look so cute in your new bathing suit

When we've reached the place I have in mind.