Titel: "On A Night Like This"               

Komponist: Wm. Warvelle Nelson

Texter: Gus Kahn

Verlag: Irving Berlin, Inc., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1925

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Leff

Sammlungsnummer: 5181


Ein schönes Liebeslied:


Once in a lifetime they come together,

The time, the place, and the right girl, too

Now that we're here, I keep wondering whether,

You would care if I should say to you.



A night like this, a moon like this,

And all the silver stars above

Were only made for lovers,

Whose hearts were made for love

Your hands were made for mine to hold,

Your lips were for mine to kiss

It's time you knew dear, I was made for you dear,

On a night, a night like this.


The little birds in the tree top calling,

Were made to sing tender songs to you

The lengthy shadows around us are falling,

Just to make a hiding place for two.




In der Rubrik "Top Texter" gibt es weitere Informationen zu Gus Kahn, der das Lied schrieb.