Titel: "I'll Put My Lips Against Yours Anytime"                

Komponist: Thos. S. Allen

Texter: Dsgl.

Verlag: Jos. M. Daly, Boston

Erscheinungsjahr: 1912

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Pfeiffer

Sammlungsnummer: 6922


Gute Ratschläge bei seinem Mädchen Erfolg zu haben:


Next time you meet a girlie

And you want to tell her something nice,

Listen, I'm going to give you

Just a little bit of good advice.

Just put your arm around her

When you know that no one else is near,

With her head upon your shoulder

You can whisper in her ear.



Your hair is nice and curly

Your eyes are big and blue

In all my life I never met a nicer girl than you,

Your lips are like the honey and if I had my way

I'd put my lips against yours any time, any time you say.


Same one is going to tell her

So you'd better get a move on you,

Don't wait! you're taking chances

It's the only proper thing to do.

I know it's very simple

'Cause I've told it many times before,

If you say just what I told you

She will love you all the more.