Titel: "If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home"                

Komponist: A.L. Mc Dermott

Texter: J. Johns

Verlag: Monroe Pub. Co., Chicago

Erscheinungsjahr: 1906

Druckerei: Walton Process, Chicago

Graphiker: Keine Angabe

Sammlungsnummer: wird nachgetragen


Ein Lied, das unter die Haut geht. Es verdeutlicht die Not vieler Kinder um 1900.


'Twas a party for the little ones,

And ere they all could go,

They sang the song of "Home, Sweet Home",

The one we all love so.

Without, a ragged child looked on,

His heart so lone and sad,

He never had a home, sweet home,

'Mid sobs and tears he said:



If I only had a home, sweet home,

Someone to care for me,

Like all the other boys and girls,

How happy I would be;

A kind papa and a mama dear

To call me all their own,

This world would be all sunshine

if I had a home, sweet home.


The little ones now homeward bound,

So happy and so free;

The ragged child still wanders 'round,

No home, sweet home has he;

No cozy little bed for him,

The cold, cold ground instead,

And as he lays him down to sleep

So mournfully he said:




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