Titel: "Sentimental Journey"                

Komponist: Bud Green, Les Brown, Ben Homer

Texter: Dsgl.

Verlag: Edwin H. Morris & Company Inc., New York

Erscheinungsjahr: 1944

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Keine Angabe

Sammlungsnummer: 5284


Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra oder Ringo Starr haben das Lied interpretiert:


Ev'ry rolling stone gets to feel alone

When home, sweet home is far away.

I'm a rolling stone who's been so alone

Until today.



Gonna take a "Sentimental Journey",

Gonna set my heart at ease,

Gonna make a "Sentimental Jounrey"

To renew old memories.

Got my bag, I got my reservation,

Spent each dime I could afford.

Like a child in wild anticipation,

Long to hear that "All aboard".

Seven, that's the time we leave, at seven.

I'll be waitin' up for Heaven,

Countin' ev'ry mile of railroad track that takes me back.

Never thought my heart could be so "yearny".

Why did I decide to roam?

Gotta take this "Sentimental Journey",

"Sentimental Journey Home".


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