Titel: 'N' Everything", Lied von Al Jolson in der Produktion "Sinbad" im Winter Garden, New York                 

Komponist: Bud De Sylvia, Gus Kahn, Al Jolson

Texter: Dsgl.

Verlag: Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York, Detroit

Erscheinungsjahr: 1918

Druckerei: Keine Angabe

Graphiker: Starmer

Sammlungsnummer: 7404


Die New York Times schrieb am 15.2.1918 über "Sinbad": "Al Jolson came back to the Winter Garden last night with his singing, dancing, and talking, and a packed house received him with all of the noise that the people could make. The Winter Garden likes Jolson and Jolson seems to like the Winter Garden - so a joyful time was had by all". "Sindbad" brachte es auf 389 Aufführungen.


I'm as nutty as a squirr'l

'Cause I've got myself a girl who keeps me scheming

And dreaming all day long

I want to say she's got 'em

I could never get a thrill

Out of any girl until

I met this girl for whom I sight

and this is why



She's got a pair of eyes that speak love 'n' Ev'rything

She's got a smile like angels up above 'n' Ev'rything

The little birdies start to sing

When they see her they think it's spring

Like April showers

She makes the flowers

Jus' seem to grow and Ev'rything

She's got the cuttest little dimpled hand 'n' Ev'rything

A pretty finger for a wedding band 'n' Ev'rything

And if she'll be my little wife

We'll lead the simple life

And we'll raise a lot of ducks and cows and geese and Ev'rything


Lot's of other girls I met

Look'd real good to me and yet tho' they were clever

They never made me fall

But then this girl's so diff'rent

When I think that she's all mine

Little chills run up my spine

It all seems too good to be true

I'm telling you




In der Rubrik "Top Musiker" gibt es weitere Informationen zu Al Jolson.


Bei You Tube gibt es einen Clip mit o.g. Song mit einem leicht veränderten Text gesungen von Al Jolson im Jahr 1917.