Titel: "Ramona"                

Komponist: Mabel Wayne

Texter: L. Wolfe Gilbert

Verlag: Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd, London

Erscheinungsjahr: 1927

Druckerei: Henderson & Spalding Ltd., Printers of Books and Music, London

Graphiker: Fred Lowe

Sammlungsnummer: 6343


Ein schönes Liebeslied:


I wander out yonder o'er the hills,

Where the mountains high,

Seem to kiss the sky.

Someone is out yonder, o'er the hills,

Wainting patiently,

Wainting just for me.



Ramona, I hear the mission bells above,

Ramona, they're ringing out our song of love.

I press you, caress you, and bless the day you taught me to care,

To always remember the rambling rose you wear in your hair.

Ramona, when day is done you'll hear my call,

Ramona, we'll meet beside the waterfall,

I dread the dawn when I awake to find you gone,

Ramona, I need you, my own.


Let's wander out yonder o'er the hills,

By a babbling brook,

Where we'll find a nook,

To build our own love nest, o'er the hills,

Darling of my heart,

Never more to part.


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